I’m locked outside my house right now and I feel so drained. I get locked out basically every single day, my mom took my keys awhile back because she felt like I shouldn’t have them, or she didn’t like me coming in and out when ever I please, or whatever the reason it’s crazy and … More Unlock 

jk, no

could someone kindly explain to me why i am 17 years of age & cannot get a piercing? okay well if you wanna be technical im not 17 for another 5 days but still i feel that i should be able to have a say on things like this. i dont want to wait untill … More jk, no

The New Year

i’v decided that my life sucks, and it is unacceptable. Its time for a change, a new start and its the perfect time. the new school semester starts tomorrow, im going to be 17 next week friday and my sixteen years of being on this earth have been extremely uneventful except for this one time … More The New Year